Electronic Arts Global Code of Conduct


Electronic Arts has long had an established set of values that reflect a clear vision for the Company and how we do business. These values – which we call "EA Actions" – provide a roadmap for our growth, govern our relationships with each other, with our partners and our customers, and should be used by our employees to guide their day-to-day decision-making.

The EA Actions:

Be Bold Go big | Take the right risks | Back our bets | Lead
Think Players First Listen and respond | Deliver beyond their expectations | Build lifetime players
Create Quality and Innovation Deliver products and services that surpass expectations | Be relentless about improving quality | Take creative risks
Act with Integrity Do the right thing | Trust others and support their decisions | Be transparent
Be Accountable Deliver on commitments | Always do what we say | Play our positions | Deliver and reward results
Learn and Grow Work hard, play hard | Develop yourself and others | Measure your improvement | Share knowledge generously

The EA Actions form the foundation of our Global Code of Conduct, which we expect each of our employees (including executive officers) and directors to read, understand and abide by. These values are reflected in a number of important Company policies, including those described below.

The information above is the most recent company statement on this subject and supersedes any prior information. EA reserves the right to make future modifications to the above statements. EA policies do not create a contract, implied or otherwise.

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